Lincoln owl rescue


We are a self funding organisation. Our main purpose being the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and distressed wild owls. We have a number of permanent residents who have all been rescued but due to being bred in captivity cannot be released. This is due to them being captive bred and rescued from various location such as being kept as pets, excess to requirements for zoos and inexperienced breeders. Being captive bred means that it is also illegal to release them into the wild and doing so would be certain death for the owl as they do not have the necessary skills that they should have to be able to hunt and survive. It would also result in a fine and possible imprisonment.



Our aim is to rescue injured or distressed birds and release them back into the wild. From the minute of receiving the call we start the behind the scenes. For this we start preparing there temporary cage where they rest and we can closely observe them. We ensure that this is suitable for the owls size and can accommodate any extra needs they may have e.g broken wing they don’t want to be on a high perch where they can fall or need to search for food.


We find as much information about the owl and its location as we can so that when it is released it to its home as they are territorial. We also find out if there have been with any other owls and if they are eating and if there is any obvious reason as to why the owl has been found e.g. seen to be injured by a vehicle.

So once we know have asked all these and are sure this owl needs rescuing we go collect. Once we have the owl and transport it to its temporary home we start a health check and try to get it settled as soon as possible so that stress is minimized. Treatment and recovery can then start.


Once the owl has had the treatment and is recovered back to being its healthy self we move it to a flight aviary where it can start strengthen its wings and start flying again. We also use this time to carry out another full assessment to make sure that the owl is 100%. We will keep the owl for a little longer until we are completely sure its ready to return to the wild and is fighting fit.


When we are ready to release the owl we will take it back to where it was found. Sometimes the person/s who found the owl like to meet us here when they can see the release and now they helped towards this.


However as we are completely self funded and rescues and up keep of our residents cost, this leads me on to explain funding.





Out of the number or owls we have we have a select few of who we show to the public. These are the ones who are happy to interact with humans and do not get stressed or upset. We do not ask anything of the owls that they would not do in there homes and if an owl shows any signs of being unhappy we take the appropriate action needed for example giving them a break if its been busy or if its hot cooling them down.  The welfare and health of our birds are paramount.


We do events at various locations. However are main base is glen park market at Ingoldmells. There we offer holds of the owls for a small charge and the offer of pictures. We also have a charity shop on sight. (Donated goods always welcome).  All proceeds go into the upkeep of the owls and any equipment they need. We make sure that the owls are completely happy and give them regular rest breaks. At the end of the day they are taken home again where they then go back into their aviary’s and enjoy there tea.


The owls have a varied diet that consists of a mixture of chicks, pinkies, rabbit, quail and rat. This depends on the size of the owls as to how much they eat and for example a smaller breed would eat a mouse where as a larger breed could eat half a rat. We buy commercially produced food as to be sure it is disease and poison free.


We also have a team of volunteers that help make all this possible. They all interact with the owls on a regular basis and help to keep the owls safe. Some have become foster careers. We really could not continue without their help and support. Our volunteers are very dedicated and devoted.